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Niche Marketing Versus Micro Marketing

Network Marketing is a part of every job or business in some way. To be a successful business you have to have people. In the more specific area of Internet Network Marketing if you really want to succeed you have to use micromarketing instead of the commonly used method of niche marketing.

The reason for this is because when it comes to marketing on the Internet there are thousands of people often marketing the same or similar product. Using keywords (words that search engines use to come up with the results that are shown) that are geared towards niche marketing you would have many people that have seen a similar or the same ad somewhere else and usually you don’t get a even a click.

To clarify the key words ‘make money’ are used by almost every single home based business. So that makes the number of competitors almost too many to count. If you change those key words slightly ‘make money by getting out of debt’ you narrow down the amount of people who will see your ad to a specific group that your product fits better. This does reduce exposure however it will increase production from that exposure.

This can even be narrowed further to ‘make money by getting out of debt with out spending more than you are currently spending’. What this does is totally define your target market to the search engines and will only show your ad to people who are really looking for the product you have to offer. Those who don’t want to spend more money but want to get out of debt, and make money doing it.