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Find Out If You Have What It Takes For Public Relations

So you’ve decided to be a Public Relations person and you aren’t sure what it takes or you think you know what it’s all about but haven’t really mastered it. Here you will learn very quickly what PR is and what opportunities available to you, even the ones you don’t readily hear about like Public Relations Measurement.

What are Public Relations?

Just by the title you can catch a glimpse of what public relations really are and that is simply the ability to relate to the public. However, it is deeper than just that; it is the ability to handle all kinds of people and all kinds of conflict and to be able to put out fires in a diplomatic way that appeases the injured while not destroying the company or causing an international incident and not necessarily admitting guilt. You wear many hats as a public relations officer and depending on who you work for whether it is a small or large company or the Sheriff’s office, or maybe the president! Hey you have to dream big or don’t dream at all! You have to be able to switch gears, lie well sometimes and through all this be emotionally controlled.

How do I qualify?

In general, most public relations careers require at the very least a degree in communications. This will bring the most opportunity and you will most times become eligible for an internship. This means that while you are in school a company may sponsor you as an intern which is the best way to gain the experience you need to thrive in the business and it will also get you noticed first. Many interns will get put on as a permanent PR person at the company at a lower level. This means working on a team and maybe doing a lower position like Public Relations Measurement. You will also get exposed to other field related opportunities but be aware that if you are interning with a company they may ask you to sign a contract to work for them for a certain time period.

How do I know if I have what it takes?

And last but not least, here are the personality traits that a public relations officer should possess.

• Excellent communication skills

• Excellent written and verbal skills

• Ability to be unbiased and emotionally controlled

• Ability to appear and speak in public often and when necessary

• Ability for a perfect attendance record

• Ability to withhold prejudices and bias against any race, color, creed or religion.